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Why "Torquadra"?

The name of the distillery “Torquadra” is a name

of ancient and historical value.

In fact near our company, there is a tower called "Tor Quadra"

which means “square” tower,

 precisely to the shape of that tower.


For this reason,

almost all of our bottles have a square base,

to recall and be all one with the historicity of the territory.


The fort consists of the ruins of two towers built in the thirteenth century to defend the military road that came with the Venetian plain with Alpine front.

It was the garrison of an old drawbridge that blocked the road at one point required.


This tower is also stylized in the background of the our logo.

Quality and tradition

Quality, innovation, research, professionalism and love for our work are our distinctive mark. The Torquadra products are distinguished for their difference in taste and aroma, all while representing finesse and personality, as common denominators of high quality products, obtained by the pomace of local classical vineyards.


The complex process of distillation of pomace, follows the "discontinuous distillation steam": a Trentino-method that thanks to water vapor allows  to obtain a better adjustment of the firing temperature, and then obtaining a finer product.

It’s a method that prefers quality rather than the quantity.


If our Grappa is so precious it must be the use of high-quality fresh pomace and this type of distillation that gives them a warm up slowly and evenly. To the barricades Grappa is left to age in small barrels of fine Limousin oak, cherry-wood or acacia barrels, placed in the silence of a dark, so in harmony slowly extracted from the wood a natural color and a full character and elegant. Spirits are almost all made based on grappa, thereby increasing their quality.

a Family

From the ancient tradition of Trentino Grappa, comes Torquadra: a company that combines the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years in spirits art, to a name of historical and ancient value. Passion and commitment of the founder Livio allowed a distillation of a prestigious and remarkable Grappa, which encloses all the flavours of Trentino tradition.


The distillery is a family-run company,  the art of distilling has been handed down from our grandfather, then our father, and is now in its third generation. We follow every step of the production with our knowledge: from the selection of the fresh pomace at the wineries to the distillation phase in the “alambicchi” (distillation machines made of copper) in order to obtain the outstanding products which respect the territory’s tradition.

Ancora perchè Torquadra


Ospedaletto is located in Trentino, between Trento and Bassano del Grappa, in northen Italy,

in a landscape rich in lakes and rocks.

We are in the "Valsugana": it is said that in ancient times the whole valley was covered by water and closed naturally on the side of Grigno to the sides of the mountains, were fixtures of the rings tie you to the boats. The valley was the last one that wiped and for this he was called Valsugana, or "dry valley".

In these mountains rich in flora and fauna apply the ideal conditions for the production of quality grapes and capable of giving the characteristics of aroma and lightness to our grappas.


The climate, thanks to the protection of the mountains is continental, from the cold winters and hot summers, with changes in the weather day / night that promote optimal ripening of grapes.

The high daily temperature range at which the screw is subjected fact increases the quality of the grapes and their flavor and aromatic characteristics.

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