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Decanter Eloisi

Grappa di Müller Thurgau

Barricata Acacia


This prestigious grappa is made using Müller Thurgau

pomace, a tipycal Trentino white grape grown on terraces at elevations between 400 and 700 meters.

The aroma is fruity, fresh and delicate, and the taste is deliciously smooth and elegant. It’s a well-balanced and harmonious grappa.

The Grappa obtained is left to age for at least 24 months in small acacia-wood barrels placed in the silence of a dark environment.

Slowly, the Grappa, in full harmony, extracted from the wood a natural amber color and a unique aroma and fragrance.

Limited selection signed by the Master Distiller 


Capacity: 0,700l with elegant wooden box

Alcohol Content: 40% Vol.

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