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Spirito Nero di Pura Liquirizia


The "Spirito Nero" is a decidedly unique liqueur, dense, with an engaging flavor, it praises the natural taste of licorice.

The natural pure licorice extract of first quality is used as a base, respecting tradition. From the selection and processing of liquorice roots carefully made by expert artisans, our master distiller expertly adds alcohol and sugar. Before being bottled, the liqueur is left to rest for at least 30 days to allow the true and natural taste of liquorice to be released.




Capacity: 0,500l 

Alcohol Content: 25% Vol.


Consigli di degustazione

Thanks to the moderate alcohol content, it lends itself to being served on every occasion.

Perfect for after-meal, we recommend serving the Spirito Nero liqueur cold, in small glasses that allow you to fully enjoy the body and intensity, but also the exceptional balance of this recipe.

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