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Distillers by tradition, artisans by choice

Torre Quadra Trento Novaledo
Why "Torquadra?"
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Who we are
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who we are

From the ancient tradition of Trentino Grappa, comes Torquadra: a company that combines the knowledge and experience of more than 50 years in spirits art, to a name of historical and ancient value. Passion and commitment of the founder Livio Cavalin allowed a distillation of a prestigious and remarkable Grappa, which encloses all the flavours of Trentino tradition.


The distillery is a family-run company,  the art of distilling has been handed down from our grandfather, then our father, and is now in its third generation. We follow every step of the production with our knowledge: from the selection of the fresh pomace at the wineries to the distillation phase in the “alambicchi” (distillation machines made of copper) in order to obtain the outstanding products which respect the territory’s tradition.

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100% artisanal products

Quality Products

Our products are 100% artisanal ... but it is not a way of saying: in addition to distilling everything with a discontinuous method, we stop by hand, we label by hand, the sealing wax is handmade ... it's all done by hand!


Discontinuous distillation

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Torquadra srl

Via Saltorati n.31

38050 Ospedaletto (TN)


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